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Lost your first aid certificate? - How to get a copy

For issuing and sending out an official copy of your certificate we charge an administration fee of 29,99 EUR. The certificate will be sent immediately after receiving the payment and confirming your prior attendance.

Please fill out the form below and try to give us as much information regarding your course as possible. For issuing the certificate as well as mailing it to you, we need all of your information as requested, so please try to fill out everything. 

It is not possible to issue a duplicate certificate without the course date (at least month + year)!

Please note that the course date should not be more than three years in the past so that your application can be processed quickly.


Please note that the fee for researching our records and for issuing a duplicate certificate must be paid in advance and is due even if we are unable to confirm your participation with us. So please check carefully first whether you have actually attended the course with us and not with another provider.

After receiving payment the certificate will be sent out to you by post within the next 5 working days - you will be informed via e-mail.​

Please transfer the administration fee of 29,99 € immediately after sending in the form below to​

GLS Bank

Erste Hilfe Station Andreas  Borucki

IBAN: DE75 4306 0967 1232 6809 00


or PayPal:

As usage please give the participants name and the term "Zweitbescheinigung".

We do not issue a second certificate for the eye test. You would have to repeat the eye test at your optician.

It is often offered there free of charge.

Request for issuing a copy of certificate

Thanks - we will get back to you!

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