Fire Safety Assistant

Training Course

Training Course

Fire Safety Assistants for your Company

"Fire marshals"

- Fire safety assistants are now mandatory -

Duration: 4 x 45 mins

1 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.​

Fire Safety Assistant English classes:

1 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

(language of instruction English)


Dates (English): ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • 14.10.2021

  • 11.11.2021

  • 09.12.2021

Termine (Deutsch): ​​​​


  • 23.09.2021  SOLD OUT

  • 13.10.2021

  • 21.10.2021  SOLD OUT

  • 18.11.2021

  • 17.12.2021


SprengelHaus Wedding

District Mitte

Sprengelstr. 15

13353 Berlin

Public transportation: 400m from U9 Amrumer Str. / 600m from U6 Leopoldplatz

Price: € 90 per person

(75,63 exkl.VAT)

We also offer in-house training!


For the fire-extinguisher practice we need 10x10m free space, water and 220V.

AISCO Fire-Trainer optionally available for spectacular flames.

Please send your request to:


Course content:​

  • Complies with

    • DGUV Vorschrift 1 - Grundsätze der Prävention [1]

    • DGUV Information 205-023 - Brandschutzhelfer / Ausbildung und Befähigung

    • ASR A2.2 - Technische Regeln für Arbeitsstätten - Maßnahmen gegen Brände

  • Rudiments of fire safety

  • Fire prevention/control at the workplace

  • Function of fire extinguishers and sprinklers

  • Perils associated with fire

  • What to do if fire breaks out: RAISE ALARM – RESCUE PEOPLE – FIGHT FIRE

  • Hands-on training with fire extinguishers

  • Every participant will be certificated as Fire Safety Assistant, get a warning vest, and a handout of the lecture.

​Fire-extinguisher practice takes place outdoors – whatever the weather! Strong footwear and appropriate clothing is requested.


[1] ‘DGUV Regulation 1 – Principles of prevention’
  ‘DGUV Information 205-023 – Fire safety assistants / Training and licensing’
  ‘ASR A2.2 – Technical rules for workplaces – Fire-fighting measures’

About your trainers:

  • Years of experience as Health and Safety trainers

  • Some of them spent their military service with fire brigade

  • Fire safety officers and experts with respect to vfdb-Richtlinie 12-09-01 : 2014-08(03) and DGUV Information 205-003 – Brandschutzbeauftragte [1]

  • Style of teaching: meticulous, practice-oriented, friendly and respectful, humorous, interested in the subject, skilled communicators

  • Continue to work as communication trainers in their spare time – enjoyment guaranteed!

Erste Hilfe Station:

  • A certified training institute, licensed by the Berlin Senate

  • A member of Verband der privaten Erste-Hilfe-Schulen e.V.[2]

  • Clients include Berliner Bäderbetriebe, Berliner Krisendienst, Caritas, DPD Deutschland GmbH, Elisabethstift, MediPoint, Sicherheitsakademie Berlin, Tegel Projekt, VAPIANO

  • Regular quality control conducted by internal QA auditors and TÜV Rheinland Group - AMD TÜV Arbeitsmedizinische Dienste GmbH Berlin


To ensure that workplaces are secure against fire, employers are legally obliged to appoint a sufficient number of persons capable of organising the evacuation of premises and fighting fires.


The number of persons charged with these tasks must be proportionate to the size of the workforce and take account of the hazards present in the workplace.


A minimum of 5% of the workforce must have the appropriate know-how relating to fire prevention/suppression. This figure is higher in firms where the risk of fire is greater.


On the Fire Safety Assistant course students will be instructed in all relevant practical and organisational aspects of fire prevention and the extinguishing of blazes. Training conforms with the German Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbSchG) and DGUV Information 205-023.


Your employees will receive a grounding in fire-safety law and learn the basic principles of preventing or fighting fire at the workplace. Instruction encompasses issues ranging from fire-proof barriers and the correct deployment of extinguishers to instilling good practices among the workforce and evacuating a building safely.


Fire safety assistants are not only equipped to put out incipient fires using available materials and devices; they also know what action should be taken to get people out of a building.


[1] Vfdb Guidelines 12-09-01 : 2014-08(03) and DGUV Information 205-003 – Fire Safety Officers

[2] Association of Private First-Aid Schools