First Aid Courses in Berlin
Who thinks a First aid course in English could never be entertaining has never been here. 


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We offer the First aid course in English for driving license or work on Saturday and Sunday.

For special certification for Industrial climbers and Betriebsersthelfer please book our courses on Monday at SprengelHaus in Wedding.

If you try to get certificated bei FISAT, please contact us.

On Wednesday and Friday, we offer "First aid baby and child", to teach parents, nurses, nannies, babysitters, and au-pairs,

how to respond calmly and confidently in case of an emergency.

For the First aid lessons no subscribing is required!

Simply be sure to arrive at the start time and bring your identity card or passport with you.

If needed, you can also take the eye test, required for the driving licenses.

If you wear eye glasses or contact lenses, you should bring them with you for the eye test.

All offers are not-binding and noncommittal.

Adresses and locations



Friedrichshain, Boxhagener Str. 106, 10245 Berlin

SprengelHaus Wedding

Mitte, Sprengelstraße 15, 13353 Berlin


Fahrschule Oscar

Schöneberg, Hauptstraße 92, 12159 Berlin




Friedrichshain, Boxhagener Str. 106, 10245 Berlin

Das Spielzimmer

Prenzlauer Berg, Schliemannstraße 37, 10437 Berlin​

Familien-Café Schönhausen

Pankow, Florastraße 27, 13187 Berlin


Fahrschule Exklusiv

Charlottenburg, Kurfürstendamm 125A, 10711 Berlin

Fahrschule Fuchs

Tegel, Brunowstr. 52, 13507 Berlin

Fahrschule Frenzel

Prenzlauer Berg, Esmarchstraße 4, 10407 Berlin

Fahrschule Nawrath

Schöneberg, Marienfelder Allee 197, 12279 Berlin


Fahrschule Nazar, im Wutzky-Center

Neukölln, Joachim-Gottschalk-Weg 5, 12353 Berlin

Kunstwerkstatt „Lieblingsdinge“

Spandau, Charlottenstraße 3, 13597 Berlin


Kreuzzwerg Familiencafé

Kreuzberg, Hornstr. 23, 10963 Berlin


Familienzentrum Kikiflo

Albert-Schweitzer-Kinderdorf Berlin e.V.

Lichtenberg, Volkradstraße 4, 10319 Berlin


Familienzentrum der Naturfreundejugend

Neukölln, Wissmannstr. 31, 12049 Berlin


Elisabethstift - Familientreff Wittenau

Reinickendorf, Oranienburger Straße 204, 13437 Berlin

Fahrschule Oscar

Schöneberg, Hauptstraße 92, 12159 Berlin


First Aid Course English Berlin

Course will provide the knowledge and skills necessary in an emergency to help sustain life and to minimize pain and the consequences of injury or sudden illness until professional medical help arrives. We train you to understand the basics of first aid, to stay calm and in control in an emergency!

After training you will be able to cope with whatever happens more confidently.  You provide reassurance and comfort until the paramedics arrive. 

First aid course in English in Friedrichshain Kreuzberg, Mitte Moabit Tiergarten Wedding, Tempelhof Schöneberg, Prenzlauer Berg. German courses also in Tempelhof, Halensee, Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, Tiergarten, Rudow, Neukölln, and Marienfelde. 

Erste Hilfe Station is certified as an official institute for First aid courses and Eye tests by the Berlin's Senate Department for Environment, Transport and

Climate Protection. Erste Hilfe Station is member of the Union of private First aid schools Germany VpEH e.V.  

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